The gun-holder: essential for your hunt !

The wait for game is the best moment to discover what this gun-holder really brings you.

Waiting in the cold, not knowing what to do with your gun, having shaking hands, those are all good reasons not to forget to bring your Aduck gun-holder on your hunt.

Made by a well-known craftsman with only fine and luxurious materials, our product is an essential accessory for a wonderful hunt. 

Why a gun-holder ?

From left to right : Alexis Camus – Adrien Deflandre – Théo Lunte

Hunting can be a dangerous activity. However, it is clear that the media is exaggerating this fact. The majority of accidents that happen are due to a mishandling of guns. 

Hunting, like many activities, does not come without risk. However, we are acknowledging the fact that the number of hunting related accidents is decreasing. In 2000, there were 232 accidents in France, but in 2017 that number was divided in half, dropping to 113. 

Safety is our top priority. Our goal is to ensure that hunters not only feel safe, but are. 113 accidents is 113 too many. Since 2004, 10 accidents per year are due to a mishandling of either a gun or a gun-strap. It is unreal to us to know that some hunters have a loaded gun hanging on their back. Our gun holder allows you to rest your gun at a hip height in order to bring you comfort and safety.  

Aduck sells a unique product which responds perfectly to this problem. Our gun-holder allows you to rest your break-open gun with its barrel facing the ground. 

It makes the walk or wait for game fully secure for both hunters and other people enjoying the nature. 

Using and handling a gun is not a natural thing, so it is key to do as much as we can to prevent accidents. The design of our gun-holder has taken into account the general ergonomics of a break-open gun in order to eliminate any chance of causing any accidents. 

Safety is our top priority and binding it with comfort and class is what makes us proud to export our product all around the world. 

New partner with Aduck !

We are honored to announce to you the arrival of a new partner!

Théo Lunte has joined the team and will be handling the international development of the company.

We welcome him and are proud to rely on him and his assets to help hunters all over the world hunt in the safest and most convenient way.

Press – A gun holder to keep your hands warm while waiting.


It is 5 P.M., the hunt has begun; however, tonight nothing is happening. We are in the middle of December, and you can distinguish a fine mist given off by the pond. Tonight, I dream to see at least one duck coming in order to wake up my fingers, which I do not feel anymore.  It is probably in this context that Adrien, a young hunter, asked himself how a hunter could carry a gun in the safest way and still rub his hands during these cold night hunts. The answer : creating an efficient gun holder which is classy, but still perfectly safe.

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Aduck is now available for purchase !

You can now buy your Aduck gun holder !

After many months of preparation, the product is now available for the general public in order to be offered to as many hunters as possible.

Determined to offer you a quality product, we have chosen materials of superior quality.

100% made in France, Aduck is made by well known craftsmen.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help you.

Your satisfaction is our best reward.  


Crowdfunding achieved !

On the 8th of July, 2018, the crowdfunding started by Aduck in order to raise funds for the startup of the company has finally ended.

Thanks to more than 60 helpers, we have reached 110% of our initial goal.

We would like to warmly  thank all of them. We can now start to commercialize the Aduck gun holder.


The design of the product can be personalized for every customer. The product is completely handmade  with the finest raw materials. We place tremendous importance on the quality and the design of the product.

Quality of the product

A robust product that lasts in every climate. It can be used in every activity that requires a break-open gun.