The General Terms and Conditions of Sale

General Conditions of Sale

The non professional or professional buyer commits to pay 180€ per Aduck. He commits also to pay 20€ for the hot stamping of initials. The confirmation to buy is validated by the choosing of the color for the leather, the strap, the thread, and potentially the hot stamping of initials. Therefore, the buyer commits to send the amount due by check or bank transfer. Aduck, which is represented by Adrien DEFLANDRE, Alexis CAMUS and Théo LUNTE, commits to send the product within 60 days maximum after the receipt of the payment. Depending on the location of the buyer, the delivery will be done by either a professional carrier or by a natural person. In case of a manufacturing defect, the buyer has 30 days to contact Aduck in order to report the problem. Only obvious manufacturing defects or any mistakes with the color and/or on the hot stamping of initials will be repaired by our services free of charge. After confirmation from the buyer, any other defects will be repaired, however this is subject to additional fees. Aduck has the right to take and distribute any pictures of any product regardless of the choice of the colors or the hot stamping of initials.


General Conditions of Use

Aduck is a gun holder only intended for break-open guns. It is intended to be used without any ammunition in the barrels. In order to fulfill a safe use it is necessary that the user keeps one hand on the gun butt when a gun is breaked open on the product. The product is not designed to be used while walking  nor while overcoming obstacles. After any use the product needs to be kept in a dry spot sheltered from hight heat or too low of temperatures.