Who are we ?

In order to hunt with the best conditions possible, we created a product that allows you to rest your break-open gun at hip height while waiting for game.

Because we love hunting and nature, we are pleased to allow you to hunt with better conditions while keeping a natural way of hunting.

Concerned for your safety while hunting, Aduck allows you to keep your gun in a safe and stable position, pointing at the ground.

« Hunting should always be a pleasure, the product is meant to be customized to your personality. No need to follow any trend if you are the one setting the tone. We are here to help you personalize your Aduck, which will make your wait for game easier . »

Adrien Deflandre – Founder

« You cannot improvise hunting. Nowadays it is fundamental  for me that hunters can continue to hunt in a safe and convenient way. The quality of the product allows you to use it for a long period of time and makes the wait for game enjoyable »

Alexis Camus – partner


« I came accross hunting on a Saturday morning in 2010 on a small game hunt.  My love for hunting has always grown since that rainy morning of October. With time I understood the necessity to combine comfort, efficiency, simplicity and style. It is for me a great honor to be a part of this adventure »

Théo Lunte – partner – International development Manager.